Nielsen offer an amazing range of vehicle and tyre dressings, including solvent
based and non silicone. Whatever you need we can provide products suitable for
any application or budget.

Choice is ideal for interior and engine dressing for enhancing vinyl, rubber,
plastic and painted surfaces.

Non-Sil is a high quality, weather resistant, totally silicone free dressing suitable
for tyres, plastic, rubber and vinyls. Ideal for use in bodyshops and paint
preparation areas.

Tyre Sheen Superb budget silicon free tyre dressing. Ideal for quick car wash
applications or indoor show room cars.

Please call us for more information on our silicone or non silicone range, or view
the reference chart in the Nielsen

Products available in various sizes: 400ml aerosol, 5lt and 20lt.

Nielsens Brilliance, Non Sil, Choice, Rapport, Tyre Sheen, Anzu, Super A Sheen and Finesse Nielsens Rapport Nielsens Brilliance Nielsens Choice Engine Dressing Nielsens Anzu

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