Exterior Finshes & Polishes

Nielsen produce excellent top quality silicone and wax polishes to suit your
choice of finish.

Supershine polish is a unique blend of carnauba wax and silicones and with a
slight cut for the ability to remove thin oxide film and help restore colour.

Exhibition Wax with the finest grade of carnauba wax. With excellent fill
properties and high gloss shine to give that exhibition quality finish.

Liquid Hard Wax is designed to give a high gloss finish as well as a long lasting
paint protection.

Nielsen’s Silicone Free Polish, with its unique formula is one of the best on the
market. ideal for bodyshop’s and paint prep areas. Carefully combined blend of
waxes and cutting compounds gives a deep long lasting shine.

If your vehicle requires the paint work restoring we have three grades of high
quality silicone and ammonia free cutting compounds. From F1, used for removal
of deep scratches and oxide film to F3 for fine scratches and swirl marks, we
have something to achieve the exact finish you require.

Please contact us for more information or you can view the full range and the
silicon / silicone free reference chart in the Nielsen catalogue. Products available in various sizes: 500ml, 1lt and 5lt.

Nielsens Spraywax, Premium Gold Supershine, Exhibition Wax, F1, F3, F10 Nielsens Silicone Free Polish Nielsens Supershine Car Polish Nielsens Liquid Hard Wax

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