Interior Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is a walk in the park with NAP high or low foam. Designed
for cleaning and removing stains from seats and cloth trim. It can be used either
manually or by machine.

Leather Lux is a all in one leather cleaner and conditioner with its mild soaps and
essential oils.

Cyclone and APC can be used for general cleaning and our handy Unifoam
aerosol for on the spot cleaning.

Beez neez is a all purpose high wax anti-static polish suitable for chrome, wood,
glass, plastic and leather.

Top off the valet with a fragranced dash sheen to give that new look finish and
interior fragrance your customers will love.

Please view the full range and details in the Nielsen catalogue.

Products available in various sizes from 400ml aerosol to 1000lt ibc.

Nielsens Nap, Nap Extra, Unifoam, Beez Neeze