Between Nielsen and Arrow we can supply chemical products for all your
janitorial and workshop cleaning requirements. All purpose cleaners such as;
APC, Buster and Cyclone for use on general cleaning jobs.

Various toilet cleaning and disinfectants include fragranced toilet blocks,
chemical toilet additives, drain cleaners and duck type toilet cleaners.

Hand cleaning and skin care products are also available in many different
packages and options.

Please view the full range and details in the Nielsen and Arrow catalogues.

We can also supply general equipment and consumables including mops, brushes,
buckets, paper center feed roll, toilet rolls, sponges, wiping cloths, micro fiber
cloths, Nitrile or Latex disposable gloves.

Nielsens APC, All Purpose Cleaner, Perfumed Channel Blocks, Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner, Citrus Golds, Country Fresh, Tolette Mops, Mop Heads, Mop Bucket, Micro Fibre, Wet Floor Signs, Cloths, Tissues Arrow Naturals Handwash Poster Lemon Floor Gel Poster Perfumed Channel Blocks

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