Odour Control & Air Fresheners

There are several options for odour control. We have Enz Odours
that eradicates odour’s by enzymes and surfactant’s attacking and digesting
food/drink based smells such as milk, vomit, urine, faece’s.

There are binding products such as Odourkill that will chemically surround and
encapsulate smell particles such as dog, smoke, etc with a pleasant vanilla
fragrance. Its also ideal for use on waste bins, refuse systems and drains.

One shot is an single application Air Conditioning bomb for neutralizing and
freshening the air con system and vehicle interior. Using bactericide to neutralize
odours at the source.

We also have a range of air freshening products to mask odours. Our Burst range
are a very popular high discharge aerosol fragrance. Ideal for cars but specially
suited for bus and coach, a couple of burst’s before your customers board will
give them something to remember.

The Arrow range also offer commercial odour control for use in toilets, wash
rooms and chemical toilets.

Please view the full range and details in the Nielsen and Arrow catalogue’s.

Products available in a variety of sizes: 400ml aerosol, 500ml trigger and 5lt.

Nielsens Oudour Kill Nielsens Citrus Spice Poster Nielsens Enz Ondours Poster Nielsens One Shot Poster Nielsens Burst Aerosols Poster

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