Workshop Maintenance

Nielsen and Arrow offer a full range of workshop products such as; PO-79
penetrating oil (WD40), Clear Lube, Brake cleaner, Lithium white Grease,
Copper slip (copper grease), Gear chain & Wire Rope Lubricant, Black paint,
Silver Paint and Silicon Spray.

Other products include screen wash, de-icer, de-greasers, hand cleaners and
workshop floor cleaners.

The Arrow products are designed and made for engineering, Aerospace, Train,
Commercial kitchens and House keeping where high grade and performance are

Please view the full range and details in the Nielsen and Arrow catalogues.

Products available in various sizes: 400ml aerosol, 1lt soft packs, 5lt, 20lt, 210lt or 14kg bucket.

Nielsens Nap, Nap Extra, Unifoam, Beez Neeze Nielsens Supersolve Poster Nielsens Zinc Galva Poster

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